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Wonder Art

Art Draw & Magnifying Instrument

About Wonder Art Draw

The Wonder Art Draw and magnifying instrument can be used for art work and hobbies like: Embroidering, Decoupage, Woodwork, Metalwork, Leather Work, Fabric Painting, Sign Writing and for painting artists to magnifying their pictures directly onto the canvass.
Scholars use it to do geography and biology sketches in minutes, instead of keeping mom occupied for hours.
It is indeed even a job creator for the unemployed.

  • Wonder Art is a new product that can copy and magnify almost any shape, picture, drawing or painting outlines at the same time as can be seen on video below.
  • Wonder Art can increase children/adult hand and eye co-ordination.

  • Wonder Art has been approved by South Africa Department of Education.
  • Wonder Art can help artists and crafters to save time and money on their new project lay outs.

  • Wonder Art has been designed for right and left handed people.
  • Wonder Art also comes in 5 x different colours to choose from.

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For more information or to order contact:

Cobus Erasmus – 083 298 7642

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